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Generation Six - IT Services

Since 2008 Generation Six has been one of the top providers of IT & Telecom solutions for Long Island and New York City's Small, Medium and Enterprise Class Businesses.

Generation Six removes the complexity factor of your IT & Telecom systems for your business, so you can focus on your business. Our team has over a decade of experience in helping business owners do just that, when your business partners with Generation Six you can rest assured that you have only the very best handling your IT & Telecom systems, we know that every second that your systems aren't running at their best is costing you money, with our approach you will experience fewer problems, and faster recovery.

Computer Repair

Generation Six offers repairs for all brands of PCs, Servers and Laptops. Our Computer Repair team has the training to diagnose any problem and determine whether the problem is related to the computer’s hardware or software. Once properly diagnosed we can swiftly repair the issue, getting your systems back working for you in no time.

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Computer Networking

Want to be able to Share Files to Multiple Computers? Across Multiple Locations? Setup secure Wireless Networks for your employees and clients? No matter what the Computer Networking task is, from large to small, Generation Six’s IT Networking Engineers can design and implement the proper network for your business.

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Telephone Systems

Generation Six offers services for many different types of Telephone Systems. From new installations, upgrades or maintenance, Generation Six is the top Telephone System service provider in your area. Your telephone system is the life blood of your business, don’t trust it to just anyone.

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Backup & Data Recovery

As we become more and more reliant on technology, the date stored on our devices becomes more and more valuable to us. We offer Offsite Data Backups to make sure your data is secure against hard drive failures, accidental file deletion, lost devices, or any other failure. We also offer Data Recovery services for those who’ve already lost valuable information.

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Security Camera Systems

Generation Six is proud to provide our clients with a fully customizable Security Camera System for their Office or Building. We have years of experience professionally installing Security Camera Systems, our systems offer the best quality to value ratio, with a wide range of Full HD Security Cameras to choose from and features like Remote Viewing and Offside Video Storage.

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Network Security

Don’t let your business be a target for hackers trying to get to your information! The Internet has completely changed in the last few years, if you were a small business you used to be able to fly under the hacker’s radar, but this is no longer the case. Now every business is a target for hackers. Don’t let your business be the next one attacked; call the Network Security specialists at Generation Six today.

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Remote IT Services

Need support right away and can’t wait for a technician to drive to your office? Have a simple issue that doesn’t require an on-site technician? Generation Six has certified technicians standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ready to remotely assist you with your computer problems today.

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Business eMail & Exchange

Does your business currently use a professional eMail service or do you use gMail, AOL, Yahoo, etc? A professional email like looks much better to a client then , not only the professional look but you will benefit from increased security and features like Contact and Calendar sharing.

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Network & System Monitoring

Here at Generation Six we know that your system’s up-time is critical. This is why we provide real time monitoring for all your devices, computers, servers, wireless and wired networks and your business telecom systems.

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Website Design & SEO

Working with a local company for your Website Design & SEO needs has so many benefits, from the face to face meetings, to working with a team who really understands your local market; the Website Design & SEO team at Generation Six will be there every step of the way.

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Wireless Networking - WLAN / WIFI

From simple small office WiFi systems to large installations throughout an entire building such as warehouses, office buildings, schools, medical facilities, etc to covering large outdoor areas, Generation Six offers expert advice and services to help you plan, design, implement and manage your wireless network.

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Cabling & Wiring

Generation Six is a one stop IT & Telecom shop, we have the knowledge and equipment to not only design your office IT infrastructure but also to do the proper cabling to get the job done. From telephone cable, to CAT Ethernet cable to COAX and Fiber Optics, you can trust Generation Six to handle it all.

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Project Management

Generation Six’s project management team handles the most demanding services to services to bring your IT Project to the completion phase on time and within budget. Our experienced project managers are trained to guide your project through all the phases of coordination, and implantation with excellent communication and budget management, avoiding costly overturns thus saving time & money.

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Cloud Services

By now you’ve probably heard the term “In the Cloud” thousands of times, but you’re probably wondering how the Cloud can help your business. Generation Six has a team of Cloud Computing experts to help you decide if Cloud Computing can be beneficial to your business.

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Hosting Solutions

From Cloud Telecommunication Systems, to Exchange Business eMail Hosting, to Web Site hosting or Full Office in the Cloud Services, Generation Six has the knowledge to successfully host your project with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

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