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Generation Six - Computer Repair

Generation Six offers repairs on your PCs, Servers and laptops. Repair and maintenance of these types of equipment are necessary and an integral part of owning a business. If such things are not maintained and/or repaired, damage could ensue and business could be lost.

Our repair center has the ability to diagnose any problem and determine whether the problem has stemmed from the hardware of the machine or the software. After determining that information, we will perform the repairs necessary to extend the life of all of your machines/nodes. Generation Six uses step-by-step methodology to minimize system downtime. With competent technicians, our team can find and mend the current problem. Moreover, they can prevent future problems with your computer. They will also work with you to optimize the efficiency of your computer as well as the usability by upgrading and creating a customized system. Generation Six will pick up and drop off your computer at your place of business or your home.


Repair and maintenance of laptops could include replacing parts that were damaged during travel and identify ailing parts before they fail completely. Since a laptop is a key contributor to a business’s ability to be mobile, laptop maintenance and repair will save your company the hassle of having to restore data or, at worst case scenario, having to continue without the ability to travel with the information you need.


A PC repair and maintenance could result in better performance, additional features to said PC, and upgrades of important information. A PC repair may involve replacing parts to improve the PC. In addition, keeping your PCs maintained and repaired will increase its longevity of the PC and help your business run as smoothly as possible.


We’re a full service server repair shop. Specializing in affordable server repair. We repair all server hardware, RAID arrays, server operating systems (such as; Unix, Windows, MAC, and Linux), 3rd party applications, and etc. We also install software, upgrade hardware, recover data, setup networks, data backups, and much more.

Generation Six also offers same day virus removal services. In addition, we also pick up and drop off your computer at your place of business or your home, relieving you of the hassle of bringing a computer to our repair center. We can also perform repairs on-site so that you can watch as we mend the problems with your computer and/or hardware.